Comptes rendus de l’Acade'mie bulgare des Sciences, Vol 60, No7, pp.797-800

Isolation of Pure C-Phycocyanin from Arthrospira maxima and Arthrospira fusiformis by a modified Non-Chromatographic Rivanol Sulfate Procedure

K.Minkova, L.Gigova, A.Tchernov, M.Stojanova, N.Ivanova, R.Boteva, M.Tchorbadjieva


Recently, a modification of the non-chromatographic, rivanol-sulfate method was developed for purification of Arthronema africanum phycobiliproteins. F ollowing this procedure C-phycocyanin from Arthrospira maxima and Arthrospira fusiformis was p urified. The molecular homogeneity of the isolated C-phycocyanin was verified by SDS-PAGE that showed the presence of a and b subunits of the pigment only, by its absorption and fluorescence characteristics (maxima at 620 and 650 nm), respectively, as well as by A620/A280ratio of about 4.50. The overall recovery of Arthrospira maxima and Arthrospira fusiformis C-phycocyanin of 54% and 55% (w/w) from its content in the crude extract was the same as reported before for Arthronema africanum. The data obtained proved the wide applicability of this simple, rapid and inexpensive procedure for C-phycocyanin purification.

Key words: Arthrospira maxima, Arthrospira fusiformis, C-phycocyanin, method, purification