Distribution Characteristics of the Short-term Heavy Rainfall of an MCC in Shandong Province


  • Fujing Wan Qingdao Meteorological Bureau, China
  • Huaizhu Wang Qcean University of China
  • Yi Zheng Shandong Meteorological Bureau, China
  • Jianwei Yu Jiangsu Meteorological Bureau, China




short-time heavy precipitation, mesoscale convective complex, weather situation


This study employs a comprehensive approach, utilizing conventional meteorological observation data, Fengyun satellite cloud imagery, and ERA5 reanalysis data to examine a short-term heavy rainfall event and its underlying causes in Shandong Province from August 14 to 16, 2020. The findings reveal that: (1) This event represents a typical Mesoscale Convective Complex (MCC)-induced rainfall process, with the primary precipitation zone in central and southern Shandong. The most intense hourly rainfall is observed along the side of the MCC with the steepest Tropical Brightness Temperature Blackbody (TBB) gradient. The heaviest hourly rainfall happens right around the time of the lowest TBB interval. (2) The rainfall event is marked by a vertical atmospheric structure with a high-altitude westerly jet and a low-level southwest jet, which makes it easy for water vapour to move and shear lines to form. Favourable conditions for water vapour convergence and high specific humidity are noted. During episodes of heavy precipitation, there is a marked upward motion in the lower troposphere, aligning with the vertical pattern of low-level convergence and high-level divergence.

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Fujing Wan, Qingdao Meteorological Bureau, China

Mailing Address:
Qingdao Meteorological Bureau,
Qingdao 266003, China

E-mail: 1005418392@qq.com

Huaizhu Wang, Qcean University of China

Mailing Address:
Qcean University of China,
Qingdao 266003, China

E-mail: min_angela@126.com

Yi Zheng, Shandong Meteorological Bureau, China

Mailing Address:
Shandong Meteorological Bureau,
Jinan 250000, China

E-mail: zhengyi_316@163.com

Jianwei Yu, Jiangsu Meteorological Bureau, China

Mailing Address:
Jiangsu Meteorological Bureau,
Nanjing 210000, China

E-mail: radargroup@foxmail.com




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F. Wan, H. Wang, Y. Zheng, and J. Yu, “Distribution Characteristics of the Short-term Heavy Rainfall of an MCC in Shandong Province”, C. R. Acad. Bulg. Sci. , vol. 77, no. 5, pp. 696–706, May 2024.